TEFAL Actifry Genius + Snacking

Actifry Genius + Snacking The crispiest with 99% less added fat* by Tefal
  • 30% faster*: Quicker than other ActiFry models (Non Genius models)
  • Hands free cooking: 9 auto programs take care of stirring, cooking time and temperature
  • Added accessory: Snacking tray is the ideal solution for delicate and dainty dishes such as fish fingers
  • Auto Shutoff: No risk of burning or overcooking
  • Crispy and Healthy: Cook perfect chips with 99% less added fat**

*30% faster versus the previous generation; 28mins for 1kg of chips; 10mins for Asian beef stir-fry **99% less fat added based on cooking 1.5kg of fries at 55% weight loss with 2cL of oil versus in a traditional deep fat fryer with 2.2L of oil

Reference: FZ774840

Actifry Genius+ air fryer: The crispiest* results

With smart features and cutting-edge technology, the Actifry Genius + air fryer is the healthy, easy way to enjoy the crispiest* fried food. Simply throw in your ingredients, choose from one of the touchscreen's 9 automatic settings and go—there's nothing more to do! The food is automatically flipped and turned by the Actifry paddle, while the temperature is regulated by a sensor. The results are evenly cooked and full of flavor, despite little to no oil (and little to no smell)! There's even an automatic shut-off function for total convenience and an adjustable temperature function for customized results. This one-step oil-less fryer features a useful app and recipe book, as well as a large capacity for the whole family. Plus it's easy to clean, thanks to dishwasher-safe parts.

*The crispiest  compared to 700g of frozen fries cooked in other Tefal air fryers. 99% Less Added fat : Cooking of 1kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 1,4cl of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2L

*The crispiest  compared to 700g of frozen fries cooked in other Tefal air fryers.

*The crispiest compared to 700g of frozen fries cooked in other Tefal air fryers. 99% Less Added fat : Cooking of 1kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 1,4cl of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2L

  • Save time in the kitchen

    Designed with a full delegation mode, you can rely on the stirring paddle's Actifry Genius to prepare tasty healthy meals and save time in the kitchen for a hassle-free cooking experience

  • Perfect results

    With an integrated patented stirring paddle, cooking is made effortless and results are perfectly homogenous and bursting with flavor.

  • Healthier frying

    Airfry, baking, slow cooking with little to no oil preserves nutritional values and prevents burning or drying out—for healthier results, with 99% less added fat (little to no oil).* *Cooking 1.2 kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 14 ml of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2 L of oil

  • Easy to use

    Features 9 automatic menus (Fries, Breaded Snacks, Battered Snacks, Rolled Snacks, Meat & Vegetable Balls, Chicken and Desserts) an easy-to-use interface and a glass window for effortless and simple use

  • Endless inspiration

    Add some variety to your cooking repertoire with Tefal’s free app. Featuring an endless number of healthy and tasty recipes, you’ll be a master in the kitchen before you know it.

  • Fast cooking

    No pre-heating for faster time cooking.

  • Easy to clean

    Time spent cleaning up after cooking is reduced with the dishwasher-safe basket, paddle and lid.

  • Generous capacity

    The generous capacity of 1.2 kg is the ideal size to prepare delicious meals for the whole family (6 people).

  • Versatile

    Airfry, baking, slow cooking with little to no oil preserves nutritional values and prevents burning or drying out—for healthier results, with 99% less added fat (little to no oil).* *Cooking 1.2 kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 14 ml of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2 L of oil

  • Versatile

    8 pre-set programs promise a wide variety of fast, delicious recipes at the touch of a button: fries, cake, pizza, toast, chicken, meat, shrimp and fish.

  • default

    Prepare healthy yet tasty meals with little to no oil. Air Fry Ultra uses 99% less added fat than a classic deep fryer!

  • default

    No pre-heating for faster time cooking.

Recipes Using This Product
Frequent questions
The app is no longer compatible on Android versions 4.4.4 or lower, because of reinforced data security.

As far as possible, we recommend that you update your device to a higher Android version or use another compatible device.

Updates will not only allow you to enjoy a richer experience with new features and compatibility with the latest technology, but will also protect you against possible security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the latest versions.
With a dosing spoon of oil of your choice, you'll get light and crispy fries. Depending on your taste, you can add 1 extra spoon of oil for even more delicacy!
Wash the cut chips twice in a bowl of water before cooking to remove any excess starch. It is then essential to dry them thoroughly before cooking in a clean, absorbent tea towel and finally patted dry with kitchen paper. If you are cooking frozen chips you do not need to add any oil as these already contain oil and could make the chips soggy. If using the 2 in1 feature (bowl + tray) after the food is cooked on the tray, cook the chips for a further 2-5 minutes after you've removed the tray to make them crispier.
None as the chips already contain oil.
If you are cooking frozen chips you do not need to add any oil as they already contain oil.
For the 1kg, 1.2kg and Actifry Mini models you have to use the paddle during cooking to prevent food from falling into the motor unit.
The bowl is too full. Observe the quantities indicated in the cooking table of the instruction manual.
For Actifry: 1 Kg of fresh chips / 750 gr of frozen chips.
For Actifry Familly: 1.5 kg of fresh chips / 1.2 kg of frozen chips.
There are many possible reasons:
• You may not have used the right variety of potatoes.
• The potatoes were insufficiently washed and dried prior to cooking and still contain too much starch.
• The chips are too thick. Cut the chips thinner.
• You have not used enough oil. Increase the amount of oil.
• The filter may be obstructed. Clean the filter. (ActiFry models only)
There could be several reasons:
• You didn't use the paddle. Use it for all cooking.
• Fries or food are not cut evenly. The fries or food must be cut to the same size for perfect cooking.
• The paddle does not rotate: check that the paddle is properly positioned.
The size of the chip affects how crunchy or soft it is.
The thinner the chips, the more crunchy they will be and conversely, thicker chips will be softer inside.
Depending on your taste preferences, you may vary the cooking time and the cut of your chips: thin: 8 x 8 mm/Standard: 10 x 10 mm/Thick: 13 x 13 mm.
For best results, wash the whole potatoes and then sliced potatoes in plenty of water until it runs clear.
This allows you to remove as much starch as possible to prevent the chips from sticking together.
Dry them thoroughly using a dry, absorbent kitchen towel.
The chips should be completely dry before cooking.
There is no danger in opening the lid while cooking, but it is not recommended, even when the ingredients collect on the sides of the pan.
This will lower the temperature inside the device and, for "Smart" recipes, may disrupt the cooking settings tested to guarantee perfect results.
You can vary your pleasures and use different oils!
Standard oils: olive, rapeseed*, grape seed, corn, peanut, sunflower, soybean*
Flavoured oils: aromatic herbs, chilli, garlic, lemon...
Special oils: hazelnut*, sesame*, safflower*, almond*, avocado*, argan*...
We advise against using walnut oil, which results in a rancid taste after cooking.
(* cooking oil according to manufacturer).
Do not exceed the maximum quantities and operating times indicated in the recipe table, otherwise you will not get the expected result and may damage your device.
• Leave it to cool down completely before cleaning.
• Open the lid and lift the latch to remove.
• Remove the paddle, cooking pan and removable filter.
• All removable pieces are dishwasher safe or may be cleaned with a soft sponge and washing up liquid.
• To prolong the life of your bowl or cooking tray, we recommend handwashing; for dishwasher use, it is preferable to use gentle detergents, such as liquid or gel.
• Dry all the pieces carefully before putting everything back in place.
We do not recommend the use of detergent products other than washing-up liquid.
Yes – this is perfectly normal.
If food is too thick it can burn on the top. Reduce the thickness of the food. Some food is unsuitable for cooking on the tray such as breaded fish or food coated with breadcrumbs as they dry out and burn during hot air cooking.
Check that the paddle is correctly positioned. We remind you that this appliance is not suitable for the preparation of liquid recipes (soups...).
If the problem persists, take the appliance to an Authorised Service Centre.
If you think there is a malfunction in the engine operation of the appliance, take it to an Authorized Service Center for checking.
You probably used new potatoes. With new potatoes, reduce the quantity to 750 g and adjust the cooking time.
It is an anomaly in the operation of the device.
Unplug, wait 10 seconds, plug back in. Press the ON/OFF button.
If the LCD screen always shows the same message, take the device to an Authorized Service Center to have it checked.
There could be several explanations:
• The device is not properly plugged in.
• You have not yet pushed the power button or you have pushed it incorrectly. Try again by pushing it firmly.
• You have pushed the power button, but the device still does not work. Check that the lid is securely closed.
• The engines are running but the device does not heat up. Take the device to an Authorised Service Centre to have it checked.
• The paddle does not rotate. Check that the blade is correctly in place, if not, take the unit to an Authorised Service Centre to have it checked.
You have probably salted your food during the cooking process. Don't salt your food before the end of cooking to avoid scratching.
For models using the tray, and to preserve its qualities for longer, do not use any metal utensils.
Maybe it's not locked. Reclip it correctly: put the locking lever in the upper position, place the paddle in the centre of the tray and then push the lever down.
There could be several reasons:
• During the first use, there may be an odour emission that is not harmful. This phenomenon, which has no effect on the use of the device, will disappear quickly.
• Remove all stickers and packaging materials. Never put the device under water.
• For a good start of the device, we advise you to cook for at least 20 minutes with half a litre of water. From the second cooking time, your ActiFry will give you complete satisfaction.
• Never leave the dosing spoon in the device during operation.
• Never cook without a paddle. Depending on the model, do not forget to remove the protective sleeves located under the lid.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
The cooking temperature is approximately 180°C (160°C at the heart of the food) at the end of the cooking.
Due to the rotation of the paddle we would not suggest cooking fish in the Actifry as it can easily break up during cooking. In order to avoid this, we recommend that you use the top tray for cooking fish (2in1 model only).
It is normal to see a small gap between the cover and the body. The lid and body should not be air tight.
Always clip the lid into place firmly but gently. When closing the lid, do not bang the lid shut but use the finger tab on the front of the lid to gently press the lid into place. If putting the lid in the dishwasher, always place it near the top of the dishwasher (the cooler area) and use a cooler setting - refer to your dishwasher manual.
Yes, this is a genuinely multi-purpose appliance, which can be used to cook a wide range of foods.
Your appliance can be used for numerous recipes, from starters to desserts.
You can also make crispy chips, tender chicken or even fruit cake…
The previous Actifry designs and Actifry Family do not allow the 2 in 1 ActiFry plate to be added.
Store the potatoes in a good cellar or a cool cupboard (between 6 and 8°C), away from light.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.